We bring out the beauty to bring up the value.

In this real estate market, home staging is not optional.                     In order to stand out, it is a must.


Aqua Home Staging styles homes in and around Wilmington, NC.  We have an eclectic style, and we enjoy incorporating different styles and pops of color into  any space, bringing out its' finest qualities.  


Whether you're selling the house you're currently living in, or you're selling an empty house, we are here to help! 

 If you are putting your house on the market, we can tell you the best way to arrange your furniture, and suggest any edits to your current decor, so that the photos will look the best they can, which will attract more potential buyers!


Contact us today to  schedule a home styling consultation or with any questions you may have!  



When you are selling your house, you need it to look good.  First impressions are critical, and 90% of people scroll through pictures online before deciding to go look at a house. We can help make sure the photos will look superb, to then lure people into wanting to come see your home in person.



** CHECK OUT OUR QUICK REFRESHER PACKAGE for a full service package of home styling + professional photos.