If your belongings are still in your home, we need to see what we're working with before we can give you an accurate estimate!

An hour consultation fee is $100.

With the consultation, this is what you can expect:


- We come to your home to say hi... and to look around and take some notes, of course:)

- Within a few days, you will receive a complete punch list of what changes are necessary to make your home look like a million bucks!

- Along with the punch list, we will provide you with a staging quote, in case you decide you don't want to complete the punch list yourself! 


When we come to look around your house, we aren't judging. What we are doing is looking to see what needs to be de-cluttered or de-personalized.  We scout out decorative items you may already have that can be used in the beautification process, or make decor suggestions.  Additionally, we are looking to see if there are any changes we could make in the furniture layout to maximize the potential of the space.  We look for unique qualities your home has and figure out how to bring attention to them!  

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