How it all came about...

I am Jenna McKnight, owner/operator of AQUA Home Staging.  {I also own Aqua Fedora, a boutique in Downtown Wilmington. }  Although Aqua Fedora is primarily a clothing boutique, I have always been thrilled to also carry a variety of furniture, both hand-made and refurbished, and doing so has also provided an aesthetic quality to my shop!  Also, having to constantly keep the visuals in the store up to speed, it forces me to constantly think about layout and flow.  Therefore, that easily translates to styling homes.


I studied art in college and love how home staging allows me to embrace my creative side when working to bring out the unique qualities of your home!  It doesn't scare me working with difficult wall colors and odd layouts; I invite a challenge! 

Also, I believe in the value that staging brings to listings.  It really does allow for your home to stand out among the rest, and when people are scrolling through listings online, they are sure to be drawn to the homes that have been professionally styled.