OCCUPIED HOME STAGING (punch list) //  $100 - $150

This is when we schedule an appointment to come see your home, and we walk through to take photos of each room and make necessary notes.  This part takes We then will create a detailed punch list, itemizing everything you can do to maximize the potential of a space, and get it to you within 48 hours.  This usually involves where to move furniture, what needs to be removed, and we may suggest rental of home decor if necessary.  We will also include a quote for how much it would be for us to do the staging for you.



Having great photos is KEY when selling your home.  Make sure they turn out perfectly with this package!  It includes:

- A detailed staging plan in a punch list format (to be completed by client).

- Additional home decor, such as statement art, tabletop accessories, and bathroom accessories in 1 main living area, 1 main bedroom, and 2 bathrooms.

- After we stage your home using additional home furnishings, professional photos are taken and items are removed.


Minor Repairs


Depending on what it is that needs to be fixed, replaced, removed, or added, we can help!

Davey McKnight is Jenna's husband, who happens to be pretty handy!  

Need a real estate agent?

We do know several realtors in the area, but one we would like to highlight is Jenna's own sister; Julie Phillips!  She is a real estate agent at Lanier Property Group here in Wilmington, and is ready to help you sell your house!  Her exceptional customer service and knowledge of the area are also a huge help if you are interested in moving to the area.

Furniture Rental

Supplemental furniture rental is available!  Just need a few things to replace some eye-sores you may currently have? That's fine! We can help! Or, if you need a whole house furnished?  We can deliver!